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FICU is proud to announce that starting October 31, 2012 you have access to more surcharge-free ATMs than ever.

FICU recently became part of the MoneyPass surcharge-free ATM network, and that translates into significant benefits for you. MoneyPass has nearly 20,000 ATMs coast to coast — and the network continues to grow. And since each and every MoneyPass ATM is surcharge-free, you won’t worry about paying a fee to access your money.

Please click the MoneyPass logo below to get to the ATM Locator. With MoneyPass ATM Locator, you can find ATM locations close to you by entering either a city and state or a zip code.


Wells Fargo Bank ATMs will no longer be surcharge-free to FICU members.  You may, of course, use the ATMs, but Wells Fargo will charge you a fee.

Image of a man at an ATM machine.