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With our ATM Card, accessing your money has never been easier. Waiting in a teller line is simply a thing of the past.

  • 24/7 access to more than 20,000 surcharge free ATMs nationwide
  • Withdraw cash from your savings account, verify account balances and transfer funds between accounts.


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Q: How do I know where I can use it as an ATM card?
A: If one of the logos displayed at an ATM match any of the logos on your card, you can use it! Some ATMs will charge a fee. The ATMs will prompt you to accept the fee before continuing with the transaction. You can find a surcharge free ATM location in your area using the ATM locator.

Q: Where can I find a surcharge free ATM?
A: You can find a surcharge free ATM location in your area using the ATM locator. All US Bank on-premise ATMs are surcharge-free. There are more than 20,000 surcharge free ATMs nationwide.

Q: My spouse and I have a joint account. We share one checkbook, so will we have to share one card, too?
A: No. You may request another card so each of you have one to use at your convenience.

Q: Can I use my Visa ATM Card to make purchases?
A: No. An ATM card can only be used to access your funds at an ATM machine. However, with our Visa Debit Card you can make purchases at retail outlets, restaurants, service stations, grocery stores, hotels, or anywhere you see the Visa logo. Also, you can make purchases by phone and online.

Q: What should I do if my Visa ATM Card is lost or stolen?
A: Report lost/stolen cards immediately to avoid unauthorized use.

Regular Hours:
  Call your branch during business hours
  800-452-6021 for Eugene Office

After Business Hours Call:
  800-535-8440 for ATM / Visa Debit Card