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With a Visa Debit Card in your wallet, there’s no need to carry cash or a bulky checkbook. It is your checkbook and ATM card ALL IN ONE! Now that’s convenience!
  • Accepted everywhere you see the Visa logo. That is more than 24 million merchants worldwide!
  • Make purchases by phone and online
  • Faster than writing a check
  • No ID hassles
  • No check acceptance problems
  • Cash-back with purchase
  • 24/7 access to more than 20,000 surcharge free ATMs nationwide
  • Withdraw cash from your checking account, verify account balances and transfer funds between accounts
Frequently Asked Questions    |   Report Lost/Stolen Cards   |   ATM Locator

Q: Why should I use a Visa Debit Card?
A: It’s more convenient and approximately 5 times faster than writing a check. There’s no need for check approval or proof of identification. It is safer that you no longer have to carry any cash.

Q: Where can I use a Visa Debit Card?
A: You can use your Debit Card everywhere you see the Visa logo. There are more than 24 million merchants worldwide!

Q: When I use my Visa Debit Card, am I borrowing from a revolving line-of-credit?
A: NO! It is not a credit card. Funds are always deducted directly from your Checking Account just as if you had written a check.

Q: Do you offer Overdraft Protection?
A: You can apply for a line of credit, and when approved, you will be protected from overdrafts up to the limit of your line of credit.

Q: Do I choose “DEBIT” or “CREDIT”?
A: You may need to choose between a “CREDIT” button and a “DEBIT” button. These buttons determine how the merchant processes the transaction. Whatever you choose, the purchase amount will be deducted from your Checking Account. If you choose “CREDIT”, you’ll simply sign a receipt. If you choose “DEBIT”, you’ll key in your Personal Identification Number (PIN). The advantage of using “DEBIT” is that you can get cash back.

Q: How do I know where I can use my Visa Debit Card as an ATM card?
A: If one of the logos displayed at an ATM match any of the logos on your card, you can use your Visa Debit Card! Some ATMs will charge a fee. The ATMs will prompt you to accept the fee before continuing with the transaction. You can find a surcharge free ATM location in your area using the ATM locator.

Q: Where can I find a surcharge free ATM?
A: You can find a surcharge free ATM location in your area using the ATM locator. All US Bank on-premise ATMs are surcharge-free. There are more than 20,000 surcharge free ATMs nationwide.

Q: My spouse and I have a joint account. We share one checkbook, so will we have to share one card, too?
A: No. You may request another card so each of you have one to use at your convenience.

Q: Am I protected if my Visa Debit Card is lost or stolen?
A: Yes. Under the terms of Visa’s zero-liability policy, you are not responsible for any fraudulent transactions on your Visa Debit Card account that are made over the Visa Network. Report lost/stolen cards immediately to avoid unauthorized use.

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