Community Events


2017 Harlow Block Party

Coin Jar Guess presented by Food Industries Credit Union

What a wonderful way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon.  Good food, and great people, in support of the Harlow Neighborhood community.  Food Industries Credit Union was proud to have the opportunity to support the Block Party.

On the morning of June 19th, we opened up a safe stuffed full of guesses from guests of the 2017 Harlow Block party.  We were all amazed how close so many people came to the actual value of $55.55!

Here are the Top 5 guesses, from furthest away to the actual winner

  • Mickal K.  $58.86,  $3.31 away
  • Taylin        $53.26,  $2.29 away
  • Patrick F.  $53.27,  $2.28 away
  • Terri K.     $56.35,  $0.80, away

And the winner! Audrey, with a guess of $55.00,  just $0.55 away

Thank you to everyone that came out to enjoy the Block Party that the Harlow Neighbors , Neighborhood Association organized.  You can learn more about the association from the  Harlow Neighbor's Webpage.  Visit the Harlow Neighbor's Facebook for the latest news.